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Wedding FAQs

Is our wedding legal in the UK?

Rest assured that your Caribbean wedding is completely legal and recognised by UK law.

If we get married abroad, will many guests attend?

We have found that most couples are surprised and delighted by the amount of family and friends willing to travel to weddings abroad. We can help with all kinds of travel and accommodation arrangements for you and your guests.

What documents do we need and do we send them in advance?

You will need to send us photocopies of all relevant documents six weeks before the event and make sure you bring the originals with you. Visit our legalities section for a detailed description of what you need to meet Jamaican law requirements.

Can we choose the date and time of our marriage?

All dates fill very quickly so it is advisable to book early. We ask you for three different date and time preferences and try our best to secure one of these for you. Late bookings may have to be scheduled for whatever date and time is still available.

Will we know the date and time of our wedding before we arrive?

Yes. As soon as we receive your booking deposit we register your names with the Registrar or Church and let you know your confirmed date and exact wedding time straight away.

Will the ceremony be in English?

Yes. Whether you choose a Civil or Church service, all ceremonies are conducted in English.

Who writes the wedding vows and can we supply our own?

The vows are the same as the traditional UK wedding vows but, if there is sufficient time to make an appointment beforehand, our ministers will consider using those that you have written yourself.

Do we need witnesses?

Yes. As in the UK, two witnesses must sign your marriage certificate. If you are not having any guests at your wedding, we can arrange for two of our advisers to be your witnesses.

Can we add ‘our song’ to the soundtrack of the wedding video?

Yes. Our network of videographers use the latest technology and editing software to enhance and personalise each wedding video.

We want a vintage theme to our wedding. We know that we can have a vintage car, but do photographers supply black and white or sepia wedding photographs?

Yes. All the photographers we use have the latest digital cameras, equipment and software to produce your prints to your own specifications.

Will there be fresh flowers available in high season?

Jamaica offers a wide range of beautiful fresh flowers all year round.

Will we be able to have an iced wedding cake?

Absolutely. Sponge or fruit; one or four tier; round or square; white or rainbow-stripped. The choice is yours.

Can we use suppliers recommended by friends or family, or must we use yours?

The Big White Villa Dream Weddings team has many years’ experience of liaising with wedding suppliers and we use only those who are professional and value for money. However, as we are not directly associated with any supplier you may, of course, use an alternative if you prefer. Please note though that The Big White Villa Dream Weddings team cannot be held responsible for any poor service standards received from a supplier of goods or services not included on our approved suppliers list.

What do we do about music and entertainment?

At the church or town hall you can provide your own CD if you wish to walk down the aisle to a specific song or, if not, it will be the traditional wedding march. For the reception, we can arrange anything from a DJ to traditional limbo dancers or live music.

How do I transport my wedding dress and what do I do if it is badly creased?

It’s best to check with your airline as different procedures apply. Some will want it to be boxed and put in the hold; others will let you hang it in a suit carrier in the cabin. If your gown is badly creased, we can arrange for you to have it steamed or pressed before your wedding day.

What do I do if my wedding gown is lost in transit?

We will do our best to trace and get it redirected for you but, if we are unable to do so in time, Ocho Rios has many wedding gown retailers where you may purchase or hire a replacement. This will never replace for you a carefully chosen or designed gown, but you can rest assured that all traditional and contemporary styles are available here and you won’t end up walking down the aisle in something you detest.

Do you have any helpful tips or hints?

Check, double check, and then check again that you have all the necessary documentation and your wedding rings with you.

It can be very hot in Jamaica so it is advisable to choose a gown without too much artificial fabric or too many layers and petticoats.

Take care in the sun during the days leading up to your wedding – tanned skin looks nice but burnt and peeling skin doesn’t. If you want to look tanned on the day and you’re inclined to burn, book a fake tan treatment with a reputable tan technician prior to or after arrival in Jamaica. Also, bear in mind that sunstroke can be nasty, may lead to hospitalisation and may result in you missing the big day.

If you do sunbathe, make sure that you exercise caution and, at the very least, take care that your tan strap lines match those of your wedding gown.

Get advice and try out your make-up before the day – some cosmetics melt and run in the heat.

Don’t have a stag/hen night the night before your wedding – you want to look your best, not your worst.

Finally, remember to relax, enjoy yourselves and don’t worry about a thing – we will do that for you!